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Step up to the plate

Revenues count.

Remember that.

Revenues count. They count more than loyalty, productivity, enthusiasm, or attendance.

A sales person who wanders into the office once a month yet closes one million in new business in that same time is more valuable than the sales employee who shows up every day and stays late yet only closes one hundred thousand.

I always seem to run against the current everywhere I go.

But today my boss, (yes I have one too), asked me to step up and help with a revenue shortfall this month.

If I pull in the half dozen or deals I have been working on, I will be the hero.

Revenues count. I think I can do it. Can you?

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Training and learning

In response to several emails about yesterday's post, please allow me to embellish.

Training is exactly what I said it was yesterday; an exercise in futility.

For instance, let's say you are an employee of a manufacturing company and have just been told there will be layoffs which will affect you.

The union has demanded that affected workers be retrained.

Training for what? To be a realtor? A flight attendant? A fireman?

The job you had is going away.

Layoffs mean the company is running out of money and is in serious financial trouble.

It is most likely the sign of the industry as a whole. (Think steel, airlines or automakers).
The job opportunities in your industry are shrinking, not growing.

You are asking your company (which is failing) to train you to do something else? Do what? Another job which will be downsized next year or sooner?

Don't ask for training - ask for money. Tell the union you want money. The biggest severance package you can get. Take the money and bolt. Don't look back.

What about on the job training provide by your employer? You write that is a punishment not a reward?

Let me describe what I mean.

Companies retrain employees all the time on new systems, procedures, etc. This is not a reward - it is a requirement for the employee in order to continue to be productive.

This is not the same as your employer sending you to off site training as a reward.

Your employer is sending you out of the office as a punishment.

Maybe he or she does not want to go to this class themselves, or maybe they feel guilty for your coming termination and they want to assuage their guilt.

Don't buy it! Off site training is either a requirement (mandatory) or a punishment. It is never a vacation with classes.

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Government training? Don't bother. It will be so loaded down with rules, regulations and inaction and contain very little substance. What substance there is will be hopelessly outdated and mediocre at best.

If it's time for a career change, it's time for

As I said yesterday and will say again and again - Training is for dogs.

Don't fall for that tired old mantra about "worker retraining" or "free training".

Learn what you want and need in order to get ahead. More on that later...
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