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Massive Job Losses; Action Plan

From the news this week.

Boeing may cut up to 10,000 jobs.

Kodak may restructure and shed more jobs soon.

In spite of some emergency money, GM cut more jobs this week.

IBM cut 2800 jobs this week.

SAP plans 3000 job cuts.

Target plans on laying off 600.

Caterpillar 20,000 jobs gone.

Pfizer, 8000 jobs.

Sprint Nextel 8000 jobs.

Home Depot - 7000 jobs.

Texas Instruments - 3400.

That was this week. We now have the highest unemployment since 1981. And there is no end in sight.

I have worked in sales, marketing, operations, IT, hospitality and about a half dozen other fields of work in my adult life.

I can't imagine what it must be like to lose a manufacturing job, because I have never worked in that field. But a layoff is the same in any company.

I am no Sally Sunshine, but I had to change jobs a few months ago right in the thick of this mess. It took me about 45 days to find my next job.

I updated my resume, made phone calls, did the phone interview, took one plane trip to interview for the "Hell Job" which I did not take. I ended up working with a company I had known for about some years and everything worked out in the end.

A few warnings; I took a pay cut. My job title is not as glamorous as my last one. I have to work more and learn about a new industry I know nothing about. But I adapted.

However, my new job came about because I used my network of friends, former co-workers, customers, professional and industry contacts.

As usual, some were very supportive. Others were supportive, but offered very little other than well wishes. Some ignored me, which is what happens.

Here is some nickel advice.

- Get to work. Take any part time or free lance job you can get as soon as possible. Deliver pizzas, shovel snow, stock shelves.

Anything which will get your mind off what has happened at the past job and what your plan is going forward. Don't stew about "getting back at your boss" or "they might call me back". Face reality and find something to do which focuses your mind on positive activity.

Work is the stone which sharpens the mind of the job seeker.

- Don't spend that severance check.

Put it in the bank. Get caught up on bills. Make minimums on credit cards if there is too large a balance to pay off. Keep the mortgage current.

Except for a suit, haircut and printers fees for your resume, don't spend a dime on "training, coaching" or any other scam. Get a job first, then go back to school on the job's dime.

- Start calling friends, neighbors, family, anyone and let them know you are looking for a new job. Don't worry about what they will think, just do it. Embarrassment doesn't pay very well.

- Yes, you can do the Linked In thing, but be aware so is everyone else and sitting in front of the computer making connections is not work despite the mistaken belief.

Same goes for Facebook and all the other social networks. You will feel compelled to sit in front of the computer searching for old friends with some vague idea that a winning job lottery ticket will appear. Ain't gonna happen..

- Don't give up. Look for jobs outside of your area of expertise. Look for jobs in other parts of the country. Don't give up. I cannot stress that enough.

Remember, everyone who lost their job in the Great Depression and who persevered ended up working again. It may have taken time, they may have had to change jobs three or four times, but they worked again.

You will too.
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