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Superman versus Batman - Why care?

A lot of people like Superman. He is invulnerable. He is strong. He can fly. He can do things none of us can do.

I find that people who like Superman often want to do those same things.

Superman fans want to be invulnerable. They want to fly. They want to be strong. They want to be better than everyone else at everything.

There is nothing wrong with that, I guess.

But I don't like Superman.

It's not that Superman is not a nice guy or has a bad character. It's that he is too perfect. He does not have to try, he just "is".

And that is Superman's flaw.

I like Batman.

Batman has no special powers. He cannot fly. He does not have super strength. He does not even have a magic ring or costume that gives him superpowers. Batman regularly goes home with broken bones and bruises.

But Batman is passionate about what he does. He has to be.

Batman has to constantly exercise to remain in fighting shape.

He has to read, research and study to keep his mind sharp and focused.

Batman rarely sleeps.

Every time a case grows cold, or a criminal gets away or he gets beaten up, Batman has to figure out why and then has to get back in and try again.

Batman is obsessive compulsive about doing things right and finding solutions to crime.

Batman maintains a network of law enforcement, criminals, informants, conmen, and advisors who help him with information and guidance.

Batman has to use technology to stay competitive.

Batman has to try harder because the odds are against him.

But Batman succeeds.

He stops criminals (sometimes the same ones over and over again).

He has the grudging respect of both criminals and law enforcement alike.

He is accepted as an equal by other superheroes, many of whom could clean his clock - like Superman.

In the end, I would rather be like Batman. Batman is the enemy of good because Batman aspires to be great.

Batman stands alone at the end of the day. Alone in his accomplishments.

In my work, I like to think I try to be Batman. I have to be or I will fail. It would be easier to be Superman, but would I really still care? Would I really still try?

Superman does not have to try. Maybe that is why he gets caught with his tights down when Lex Luthor shows up with Kryptonite and turns him into a bowl of jelly.

What do you want to be today? A Batman or a Superman?
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