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Most annoying people in line

Yesterday's post got me thinking about other annoying people in lines. Here are a few..

1) That guy/gal in front of me at the bank or driver's licence office with "The Story". The Story goes like this "I don't have my ID, but I have an expired library card from Iowa and a cancelled check from my cousin that has my old home address on it and it's made out to me 'cause I paid the rent so I got two kinds of ID so can I get this two party check cashed? Oh and I need it in ones and fives, please?"

2) The person in the grocery store line who waits until all their groceries have been scanned and bagged and then slowly takes out a checkbook(!), writes the check, finds their license, waits for the cashier to go through all the steps of taking a paper check(!) and then, slowly records the check in their register, balances their checkbook and then and only then, leaves. Again, must be nice to be the only person on earth.

3) The person who goes to a busy gas station, parks in front of a pump, locks the car and disappears into the the gas station to purchase a burrito, drink, lottery tickets, chat with the attendant and then wanders out to the pump to finally pump their gas while everyone else waits in line. They get extra annoying point for sitting at the pump and eating their burrito oblivious to the world waiting behind them.

4) In line at the airport gate waiting to find out why the flight has been delayed when Mr. "I just have a quick question" hops to the side of the line in front everyone, gets the counter person's attention and then proceeds to get his flight rerouted, ticketed while everyone else gets to look at his stupid backside. This person should be banned from flying.

5) At a once in a lifetime visit to a famous museum like the Louvre, when a line of tourists comes through, all who are carrying cameras and recording every second of their drive-by visit, saying "Excuse please" and barges right in front of you or push you from behind so they can get their three second viewing of the Mona Lisa. The best thing to do to these people is to turn and say "No" firmly. It always stops them in their tracks.

6)  Not a line, but just as annoying. The person who parks their grocery cart (buggy for some of you) on one side of the aisle while they block the other side of the aisle with the body as they inspect every brand and variety of mustard. Invariably, they also have optional hearing as it takes two or three attempted "Excuse mes" to get their attention upon which, they move their cart with an annoyed look as you interrupted their concentration. These people compete with the "Leave the cart in the middle of the main aisle" so they can run down an aisle an pick up a few things.  Both need to be banned from the store and ordered to shop online for groceries.

7) Question Man. Stuck in line at a fast food restaurant behind Question Man (or Woman) as they order.
"What does that come with? How many calories do the sesame seeds have? Where do you buy your tomatoes from? Do you have anything that is gluten free?" all while the bleeding menu is three feet above their head and easily view able from outside of the line.

8) You and everyone else in the universe is waiting in line at the grocery store when Lost Guy walks up with a jumbo pack of Depends and barks "How do I pay for this? Who's in charge? Where do you keep the suppositories?". I usually forgive these people as the world has rapidly changed and they don't have time to learn how it operates.

9) Kids at a store or restaurant. All want to order and pay separate but none realize that taxes are charged on some items so that gum is not .49 but .54 with tax but Eddie only has .50 and was planning on giving his penny change to Beatrice so she could complete her purchase.

I got to get back to work.



Most annoying people at the ATM

I went to the ATM (Automated Teller Machine, not ATM machine) today to get some cash. I generally use plastic (ATM or Credit function) for everything, but some payees require greenbacks so there you go.

I put in my card, entered my PIN, chose withdraw, entered the amount, chose checking, agreed to the fee (not my bank!), took my cash, put money in console. car in gear and drove off. Total time: Less than one minute.

But why is it anytime I am in line at the ATM (car, not on foot), the person in front has one or more of these problems?

1) Can't stop their car where they can reach the ATM keypad so they stop, get out of the car, lean over the ATM and conduct their business. Or goes forward and reverse several times until they get their car just right?

2) Has another person in the car they are carrying on an animated conversation with delaying each step and adding additional time to their ATM transaction.

3) Have all the appearances of attempting to open an IRA at the ATM due to the amount of time they take in line.

4) Refuse to believe they have not enough money or no money in their account to access - they try over and over again with smaller amounts entered, tearing off receipts as they are spat out and yet, try again.

5) Push the help button and call a real teller to assist them with the ATM - That's when it's time to GO IN THE BANK and get out of the ATM line.

6) Attempt to conduct multiple transactions, i.e. a multiple deposits, transfers and withdraws. Go in the bank for crying out loud.

7) Talking on the cell phone while in line, again, like having another passenger in the car, delays the transaction and keeps everyone behind them waiting.

8) Doesn't know their PIN and try repeated guesses over and over again all while looking back at the cars behind them and shaking their head with a helpless smile on their face. GET.OUT.OF.LINE.

9) And the most annoying - Complete their transaction, then sit in the car blocking the ATM lane while they balance their checkbook, arrange items in the car, check their hair, pick their nose and finally, after several excruciating moments, start their car and slowly drive out of the ATM lane. It must be nice to be the only person on earth.

What annoys you at the ATM?

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