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Marketing Me! Airline Travel Fun part 2

I wrote this entry recently about my experiences as of late flying from U.S. airports. I have had more fun being subjected to the fun TSA and the airlines put us through just trying to get my job done.

It made me think of a real solution to the problems faced by lots of passengers held up by understaffed TSA security lines.

First, nobody shows up unannounced at an airport, they have reservations. Airlines could provide those reservations totals to TSA who then staffs accordingly.

Unfortunately, the rules seem to be different. A recent trip to Denver had a single TSA agent checking boarding passes for a line of hundreds. Meanwhile, each x-ray machine had what had to be 4-6 agents milling around. Perhaps checking boarding passes is the low job and machine screening is the plum position? Who knows.

Just this week, I flew out of Canada. Although there are TSA employees checking outbound passengers at U.S. customs in Canada, Canadian contractors actually handle the screening of passengers' bags. Interestingly, it went faster. However, I will be the first to admit that my experience was subjective and might be different for others.

I wish things were better. TSA has a blog which explains their take (and funny anecdotes about their job) on traveling, but it does not change the fact that the flying public is getting angrier and having less patience over the flying experience.


Marketing Me! Airline travel fun!

I have been traveling nearly every week since the year began. All of my travel is by plane, so I spend a lot of time at airports. Too much in fact.

The system is broken and I wonder how much it is affecting our national economy through lost productivity.

For instance, I had a flight last night at 7:30 PM. To ensure I made my flight, I was advised by the airport and airline to arrive two hours before my flight. I arrived two and a half hours early due to traffic.

To make that window, I sacrificed a 3 o'clock meeting. The client agreed to the change because he had an evening flight as well and was worried about making his departure time.

We both missed an opportunity to meet in person during business hours, to discuss our businesses and potentially find a way to increase each other's revenue. What a waste.

Could we have scheduled later flights? No. They flight I was taking was the last direct flight for the day.

What would be better?

- I wish there was less hassle for frequent and regular fliers.
- I wish there were lines for passengers who have "Never Flown Before" at TSA security check points.
- I wish there was a service which sent accurate TSA security line times to my Blackberry. They do this for highways, why not the TSA?
- I wish planes had internet access. That's two to three hours I could be doing something more useful than reading American Way or watching reruns of the "New Life of the Old Christine".

Wishes are sunshine and not worth the paper they are printed on.

I hope you have a successful flight and a great day!


Marketing Me! They should do something

I read an interesting article not too long ago which described the conditions in the former U.S.S.R. following the fall of communism. Besides the shortages, crime and anarchy which came after the heavy-handed government ceased to exist, everything having to do with work and employment changed as well.

The author primarily noted middle aged men, going day after day to their offices and factories, sitting idly for want of something productive to and complaining endlessly that the government should do something.

Election year or not in the U.S., we hear this frequently, that no matter what the problem, the government "should do something".

Frankly, I don't know what it is people want the government or anybody else for that matter to do for them.

Rather, Marketing Me! declares that YOU have to do something for yourself rather than waiting for the other guy to step up.

Look, the Internet alone has created a huge virtual billboard with your mug displayed potentially for the whole world to see. And in the spirit of the long tail, the more traffic you can run to YOU the more business, however small, you can build for yourself.

How? Again let's always start with what we know. If you have not already, start a blog. Start a couple. You can use Blogger like I do, or Wordpress or Typepad. If you feel really gung ho, get your own domain name and host your blog on your new name. Which domain name? Register your name (I finally got mine this weekend!). Register your business skill or calling. Check out the GoDaddy link to the right and get your domain name and hosting account today!

Start a mailing list. I use AWeber, but there are lots of them (use a real mailing list company rather than Outlook. Spam complaints can shut down your access). Build an opt-in mailing list (people join voluntarily rather than you spamming). Remind people weekly through email of your existence and expertise.

Write an ebook. It is not that hard. Pick a subject. Write a 16 page ebook. Convert it to pdf and give it away to new subscribers to your mailing list. It helps to make it related to your line of work, but people remember the expert no matter what you write about.

Why stop there? Offer to speak. There are plenty of events in your line of work that need speakers. I recently signed up to speak at a telephone carrier sales meeting. Yes, there will only be about 30 attending, but if I am good, that will be 30 new evangelists spreading the word about my brand.

What else? Have you ever considered consulting? Have you ever considered starting your own business? You already have the blog and domain name, why not use it to generate extra revenue for your time?

There is so much you can do right now that will result in right now opportunities that it makes no sense to wait around for the "government" to do something.

So get off your butt and get busy. Time is wasting!


Marketing Me! Drew Carey - Personal Brand

While on the airplane the other day, I read an article about comedian Drew Carey in American Way. You may remember Drew Carey from his long running series, "The Drew Carey Show" on ABC, "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and now as host of the popular game show, "The Price is Right".

According the article, Carey has had a life of ups and downs. Depression. Attempted suicides. Personals and professional failures. Yet despite all of this, he worked his butt off and believed he would eventually realize his dream.

A few personal branding notables:

- Carey's trademark horn rimmed glasses were a left over from his time spent in the U.S. Marine Corps. Although the glasses are props (Carey has laser surgery), he continues to wear them as his fans expect to see them.

- Despite his popularity on television, Carey continues to perform stand up comedy as this was the vehicle he got his start with. Carey routinely performs in Las Vegas.

- Las Vegas. Carey is known for staying at a couple of hotels where he chats with other guests while playing alongside them at the gaming tables. Carey has no "entourage or body guards" other than friends and is readily accessible to his public.

Carey blames his demeanor on his Midwestern roots. He simply has no time for the typical arrogance of the entertainment trade. Further, he is big believer in the power of positive thinking - his reading list includes Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer.

To top this off, Carey reportedly makes a seven-figure salary just from the "Price is Right". He has published several books, has had two other television series and has performed hundred of live shows. By all respects, he is a very successful entertainer. Equally important, Carey understands the idea of personal branding very well.

Marketing Me! Workaholic

I found this blog post at Seth Godin's blog. It is something he wrote about a month ago..

Seth laments that workaholics operate out of fear. Yep, that is right. And they are right to do so. And that the new class of worker (how quaint) operates out of curiosity and passion.

Somewhere between these fear and passion lies the real world. Yes, we have to love our work but we also have to live with the sword over our head which clearly states, "Stop moving and producing and you will be replaced".

Do I wish it was different? No I don't.


Because I took someone else's job. And someday, another will take mine. Lack of interest creates another generation willing to take over your desk and customers. I consider that to be evolution which benefits the customer and the marketplace in the end.
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