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Marketing Me: Using Linked In For Job Search

With the economy in the hopper, more job seekers are turning the Internet for their job search.

Now some will go to Monster or Dice, fill out a form, and start submitting their pared down resume to whoever is hiring and whatever company has an opening.

Against my past advice, sometimes this may work - but it is not that effective, especially when competing against thousands of other workers.

Web 2.0 social networks are one way to expand your personal network and employment visibility. The problem is job seekers are often reaching out to others online they have no prior relationship with.

Linked In is a great resource because it has thousands of members with thousands of companies. However, too many job seekers jump on the Linked In bandwagon after they have been let go or when they are desperate to leave their current company.

By using Linked In and other social networks, job seekers won't have to do the Linked In shuffle at the last minute.

Use Linked In for your job search, but use it wisely.

Unless you have an advanced membership, it is next to impossible to join networks with persons you do not know. However, there are ways to get to know others with whom you do not have a network connection.

Use Linked In Answers - If you find a contact on Linked In who is associated with an opportunity you are interested in, follow their profile and see if they are placing any answers in Linked In Answers. Do the same and attempt to build a relationship.

Use Linked In Groups - Regardless of contacts, job seekers should always join Linked In groups which focus on their specialty or professional interests. Join groups, communicate and reach out to fellow members.

Use Profile - Your Linked In Profile has features which helps others find you. Fill out the keywords related to your job search (i.e. top wireless sales executive, successful headhunter for the Java programmer, etc.). Complete your profile with pictures and comments. Publish your web profile and bookmark it with Delicious, Stumbler, etc. Build back links to your profile so search engines and searchers can find you.

Linked In can be a great resource, but be careful not to abuse it or use Linked In incorrectly.

May your job search be successful!


Marketing Me: The Linked In Activity Blur

You can always tell when someone is worried about their job at work.

You get the Linked In Activity Blur.

What happens is a flurry of activity on their Linked In account. Suddenly they are adding five or six new contacts a day. Their profile is updated and tweaked. You get updates on their Linked In account every day.

The same thing happens with their Facebook account as well. A bunch of happy "guess what I am up to messages" start flying across their profile. Anything to get the word out about what they are doing.

Your Linked In and Facebook and Plaxo accounts should always be updated all the time anyway.

Further, your social network profiles should have lots of keywords which are relevant to what you want to do as well as what you have done.

And your profiles should always include accomplishments which are in demand right now. Learning 10-key is not very lucrative this year, but busting revenue goals is.

Marketing Me: Layoffs

Yep, I have not published diddly in some time. A bunch of reasons why..

First, my job that I started in 2005 was going great. I was doing very well and when things are going well, you tend to forget about HOW you got there in the first place.

Second, that great job ended just a few months ago. For 48 days, I searched for a new job. That took most of my time naturally.

Finally, my new job was found within my network which was good. But it did not change what was going on in my world.

Layoffs are everywhere in every industry.

See here, here, here and here.

That's right. Publishing, airlines, shipping, retail.. the list goes on and on.

Further, I have been speaking with a number of friends and parents whose children attend school with mine. Everyone fits into this category:

a) Suddenly changed job this year after a layoff, threat of layoff or problem with the old companies' revenues.

b) Looking actively for a new job because the old one will probably go away in the next year.

c) Has had to severely cut back because of a downturn at work. Yes, they are hanging on, but big changes in lifestyle are coming over the next 12 months.

Marketing Me has never been more important then ever before. I have much more to share and do with the changing economy and I hope I can help you.


Marketing Me! Recession job search

Looking for a job after a layoff?

A reminder from the past which led to the beginning of Marketing Me.

What NOT to do when you lose your job

1) Use severance pay for training.
Training sounds like a good idea. The government likes it as it gives out of work people something to do. But think about it. Would you hire someone who spent 20 years doing one occupation, but then received "training" to do something new? I didn't think so. Save your severance pay for a haircut or style, a new suit, transportation and other preparation for interviews.

2) Pay for a resume service.
Who knows you better than yourself? An out of work writer? Or you? There are websites on writing your resume. Better yet, there are free services to help you. Consult these options before dropping the coin on a for hire service.

3) Blindly apply for jobs online.
Great idea. Toss your name into the big faceless nobody pool.

4) Be too embarrassed to tell others about your job search.
Here is a secret. Your next job is coming from someone you know. Promise.

5) Refuse to act financially like you are out of work.
We have all heard the story about the laid off worker who immediately scheduled a trip to Thailand to "get his bearings and find himself". Instead, make that trip a reward after you start working again.

6) Applying for jobs you have no business applying for.
Do not shotgun resumes at every position and hope it works out.

7) If part of a company wide layoff, avoid contacting others in the same situation.
Guess what? The person who was laid off with you is looking for work as well. If he finds a position, there may be others. Keep in contact with your network.

8) Avoid coaching, a mentor or anyone who can help you with advice.
Tiger Woods has a coach. Company presidents have a board of directors. Who is on your board?

9) Do not think out of the box.
Why are you not working three things at once? A part time job consulting? A contract gig online?

10) Let pride stand in the way of success.
Yes it stinks to be out of work. But being unemployed is worse than admitting you need help finding a job. Get off the cross!


Marketing Me! Using LinkedIn Answers and the origin of Marketing Me

I try and keep up with LinkedIn and Yahoo answers. Both are good methods for getting the word out on you. The reason is easy. Answering questions establishes you as an expert in any number of topics. Experts are easy to hire.

I had the chance to answer a networking question recently, and it reminded me to tell once again, the story behind Marketing Me! and why I started this blog.

A few years ago, I found myself suddenly out of a job. Since then, I have turned the experience into the theme for my personal blog.

Here were my steps to secure a new and far better position in 30 days.

To start, know what you want to do and what industry you want to work in. That is a given that many overlook when they are out of work.

1) Collect your contacts. Divide them into hot, warm and cold with hot being good possible employers. Warm contacts are persons you use for advice and referrals. Cold contacts are names without possibility but good to have as referring points.

2) Start phoning. Never start out with email - nothing says lazy like email Call, connect and communicate.

3) Clearly state what you are looking for. Never phone and state "I need a job, got anything?". Instead, use the value proposition "I have known you a long time. What is your best advice about where I should look/what I should do?"

4) Plan to visit in person for follow up. I scheduled a trip to an industry convention which happened to take place two weeks after my last day. I scheduled meeting times with prospects. That included breakfasts, lunches, dinners, walks, anything which put me in front of a prospective employer. Remember to schedule with a set time and place. Leave nothing to chance. Be flexible. You may meet someone walking from one hall to another or on a shuttle bus or at a reception (all of these happened to me).

5) Meet. Be clear about your goals, skills and value to any prospect.

6) Thank. Send a thank you note, hand written, never email, to each person who took the time to meet with you.

7) Follow up. I was fortunate. I ended up with five solid job offers, two possibilities and dozens of future business contacts. Had this not happened I would have directly contacted each of these people again until something happened.

28 days to the day, I had my starting date at my next job. It was a lot of work and travel, but it has paid off nicely. To this day, I network constantly.

Marketing Me! has transformed into a blog about anything which appeals to me in my profession. Be it business travel, cell phones, productivity tools, conference calling and even entertainment.

In the 21st century, we are often defined by our career or more correctly, our work. Marketing Me! has become my diary, journal and sanity check over the past three years.

I don't plan on changing any time soon.


Marketing Me! Funny resignation letters and emails

If levity is your aim, then make your resignation letter or email memorable.

- Use email. CC (courtesy copy) as many of your coworkers as possible.
- Be succinct, to the point and "snarky".
- Avoid seriousness.

Some exiting employees love emotional hand wringing when penning a resignation. Why bother I say? The employer is not going to take it serious and your remaining co-workers really need the humorous boost in their day.

Here is a good template:

To whom it may concern,

Please accept this notice of my resignation from Wally's Wonder Widgets affective June 1, 2008.

Although I have more than 18 days of unused vacation time, our lovely and talented HR manager Terry informed me that Wally's policy is "use 'em or lose 'em" so I guess I can kiss that time off good bye. And Wally, I have something for you to kiss as well!

Further, company policy dictates that I return all company property on or before my last day of employment. That would include my company shirt, laptop, sample case and company literature. In short, that would be next to impossible to do.

My company shirt disintegrated in the laundry the second time I washed it. I ended up making my own from an old t-shirt I had and my customers found it memorable to say the least.

My laptop conked out three weeks ago and our illustrious and oh so competent IT department managed to make it fully non-functional after seven days of ignoring it so they could play Half Life during work hours. I have been making do in the meantime with a legal pad, a calculator and text messaging on my cell phone.

My sample case was emptied months ago. I gave all of my working Wonder Widgets to customers who still had not received their orders or whose orders included non-functioning units. The sample case does make an attractive carrying case for my legal pad and calculator though!

As for company literature, I have been leaving that in the toilet because we have been out of toilet paper for some time.

Please forward my final paycheck to my home address on file although I would prefer to be paid in cash before exiting the building. You can pay me from the executive secretaries' cash box located at her desk. I have noticed that our CEO, Wally, has a habit of helping himself to the box on a regular basis so I assume that won't be a problem.

I would thank you for the opportunity at Wally's Wonder Widgets, but my therapist suggests that I put negative events in my life behind me and instead focus on the positive merits of unemployment.

Sincerely happy,

Your name,


Marketing Me! How to write a resignation letter

In a world where the average worker changes jobs and careers SEVEN times, somebody somewhere is going to be putting in their notice.

Perhaps that person is you. If so, there are good ways to quit a job and bad ways to quit. The best way to quit your job is to submit a resignation letter.

A resignation letter should be your professional notice of exit from the company. Now, there are fun ways to do a resignation letter which is a future post. For now, this covers the professional way to resign in writing.

Use this format.

Date - the date the resignation letter is delivered.

Salutation - never make your salutation generic. Put the name of the person you are addressing. If there is more than one person receiving your resignation letter, put their name in a cc; field at the top of your letter.

For example:

cc: Mary Smith - Human Resources
Jerry Jones - Supervisor/Operations

To Mr. Greg Green, CEO Wally's Wonder Widgets

The resignation notice with date and specifics in the format of a notice.


Please let this letter serve as notice of my voluntary separation from Wally's Wonder Widgets..

Include a final date.


... effective June 1, 2008.

Give notice of terms..


On or before that date, I will return my laptop, company ID, company shirt and sample case of Wonder Widgets to Mary Smith in Human Resources.

Let them know where to find you and where to send your final check.


Please remit payment for all unused vacation and personal time as well my final paycheck to my home address..



If there are any questions or other arrangements which need to be made, please let me know at your earliest convenience.



Thank you for your time and the opportunity to work with you,

Your name.

Put it all together.

Final example.

April 9. 2008

cc: Mary Smith - Human Resources
Jerry Jones - Supervisor/Operations

To Mr. Greg Green, CEO Wally's Wonder Widgets

Please let this letter serve as notice of my voluntary separation from Wally's Wonder Widgets effective June 1, 2008.

On or before that date, I will return my laptop, company ID, company shirt and sample case of Wonder Widgets to Mary Smith in Human Resources.

If there are any questions or other arrangements which need to be made, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to work with you,


Your name

Keep your resignation letter short, to the point and effective. Let there be no ambiguity, remorse or vindictiveness in your correspondence. It will only come back to haunt you.

Now, if that is not of consequence.. Stay tuned for a more light hearted version later...


Marketing Me! Top Five Reasons to Quit Your Job Today

Top Five Reasons To Quit Your Job Today

1) You hate going to work. You may love what you do, but you hate where you do it. Be it for any reason, you hate your place of work. Quit today.

2) You do not like the people you work with. Be it your co-workers or customers, you do not get along with them OR they repulse you so much you cannot stand the sight of them. Quitting time!

3) You struggle with what you do. I don't mean the short term, "this is hard!" mentality, but the "I have no idea why I am here anymore". Maybe it is the project you have been on for the past thirteen months, the products you don't understand or the direction the company is going. All of it is a mystery and you no longer comprehend why you continue to labor through another day on the job. Punch out permanently.

4) You spend more time away from the office than in it. Sick time, vacation time, long lunches, personal errands, personal days, etc. Are you finding reasons not to be at work? Get thee away from thine jobbage.

5) You dream of doing something else. Maybe it is your own company, or working in a different field, or perhaps you simply see yourself (constantly) somewhere else doing something else. Stop dawdling, Dalton. Put in your 24-hour notice and motor-vate.


Marketing Me! Adapting to Overcome

A couple of things which came to my attention this week.

Story one -
Couple nearing retirement live in semi-rural Michigan on "ten acres near lake" in 100 year old farmhouse. Now in their 50's they have a predicament: they are having a problem affording their home. They cannot afford the $4+ a gallon heating oil to heat their home. They cannot get firewood to use in fireplace to offset increased heating cost of using oil. Their taxes have increased. They want something "done" or "help".

Story two -
A friend who works in broadcasting told me his story. The television news stations are financially suffering. They are cutting back on all expenses. They have cut out all overtime. On top of this, they are actively, but not officially, reducing 40+ year olds in favor of 20-somethings right out of college. Friend is concerned about what his field will look like in ten years.

Both stories, one ending.

Adapt or die.

Couple in Michigan. Only one solution. Sell that big white elephant and move somewhere warmer and more affordable. Census data released yesterday tells you where everyone else is moving and why. Get out from under that cold, old farmhouse and move south to a less expensive Sunbelt state. Housing is cheaper and getting more so everyday. I don't know anyone down here who uses heating oil. Well maybe in Florida. But why should you suffer from the cost anymore? Want to stay? Sentimentality? Friends? Family? Who cares. YOu cannot afford to stay where you are and it will only get worse.

Broadcaster. Guess what? The old media outlets are only get to get worse. Hey, if you are able to hang on to your job, good for you. But don't be surprised if your pay continues to get cut and the threat of a younger person taking over becomes more real every day. What is a solution? Get out of news and take your video work private. Go to work in corporate communications or health care. Hook up with a wedding coordinator and start shooting weddings on the weekend. The money is really good.

Questions -
If I move, who will take care of my aged mother/father/grandmother,etc?
Strap her to the roof (Granny Clampett - Beverly Hillbillies) and go.
What if I cannot sell my home?
Any home can and will be sold. Try harder, get another broker, reduce your price, etc.
What if I miss my friends and family?
Yes, but you will miss eating first.
What if my job comes back?
Jobs are not boomerangs.

Adapt now. Or your career will die.
Remember, the economy is always the same for the successful, different for the adapters and going south for the extinct.

What will you be?


Marketing Me! Would you pay for a new job?

During the 2002 "dot com" crash, I found myself looking for a new job while my then current company began to flounder. Thinking the boom was still on, I was in for a rude awakening.

First, there were very few open positions in the IT field in any capacity.
Second, positions which were open, were quickly filled by internal candidates (hence the reason we network and market ourselves!).

However, there were some openings in a few companies which I quickly applied for. Naturally, my applications ended up not with the employer, but with a recruiter retained by the company.

And then the recruiter song and dance began.

It occurred to me at that time, would it not have been easier to just have made an offer to the recruiter?

"You get me a job offer within my requirements and I will give you this percentage of my first year's commission or I will write you a check for the full amount my first day of work".

We know why this would not work in my particular scenario, but would it work in general? Would you do it?


Marketing Me! International Business Locally

I recently dropped off my dry cleaning at a local cleaners. When I returned a few days later to pick up my shirts, one was missing. Now the owner of the dry cleaner, who immigrated from Southwest Asia, was remiss to offer any explanation as to what happened to my shirt.

Her responses were:

"Someone else must have received your shirt".
"I don't clean the clothes here. Call this number for the service I use and ask for your shirt".

At no time did she offer an apology other than "I am sorry you feel that way." when I complained about the service.

When I said I would not be doing business with her again, she shrugged.

Bad customer service? In the U.S. yes. In this woman's native country? Probably not.

The culture of other countries often dictates that the business is an authority and as such, has the final say on what goes on when one is doing business with them. Residents of these countries are used to authority figures and institutions telling them "how things are going to be" and deal with it accordingly.

In the U.S., the culture is, "The Customer Is Always Right" and we have an infrastructure which generally benefits the consumer. At any time, I can go to the dry cleaner across the street and give them my business.

Further, in other countries, to issue an apology is unthinkable. An apology admits failure and embarrassment. The store owner would rather step in front of a moving car before she uttered an apology of any sort.

In previous generations, we were taught to prepare and acclimate ourselves for trips abroad to do business. We learned languages and cultural idioms (when to shake hands, bow and examine business cards, etc.) weeks before setting foot on an airplane.

However, in a rapidly globalised world and workforce, the cultures are now colliding in your backyard and home office. And as international heads butt in the boardroom, expect some changes to occur.

It is these types of changes which cause revolutions both at home and abroad. Be ready.


Marketing Me! Checking Email

Dear Marketing Me! At work, I feel left out. My company is about 3000 people and I work in marketing. I attend meetings regularly, have perfect attendance and try to stay in touch with my team, but because of my personal life (I am married and have three children), I don't have as much personal time to spend with my fellow employees. What can I do to feel more included?
Left out and lonely,

Dear left out,

There is no magic bullet to feeling "included". In the modern workplace, it seems those of us who are married and with children have the potential of getting shorted because we do not have the time to make the after work cocktail meetings or maybe simply cannot stay at the office until 7PM every night.

For your situation, consider a smaller company if possible. You will have a greater impact for your work and not for how many hours you toil as a cog in the big machine.

Analyze your impact at your current job. Not to pick on what you say, but your description of your commitment, (perfect attendance, attend meetings, etc.) sounds more like school and not like someone who is fanatical about their position. Perhaps you are in the wrong job? Or at the wrong employer?

Also, the effect you have at work is not completely determined by the amount of time you connect with your fellow workers. Rather it is based upon the results of that connection time with your fellow workers. Consider if you really get along with your coworkers and if they are the kind of people you want to be around.

Think about it. Thanks for reading Marketing Me!

Dear Marketing Me!

I found your column the other day and have a bone to pick with you. Its great if you can market yourself in the white shirt force, but what about those of us in the working man's world? I website is not going to get me a job in my field.
Living in Reality,

Dear Reality,

Thanks for your email. Nope, it applies to you as well (although I am not sure what you do for a living). A pool cleaner, tow truck owner or landscaper can benefit from the philosophy of Marketing Me! Marketing and building their brand name leads to more work and better revenues.
However, if your field of endeavor is to work in a large, faceless nameless assembly line represented by a disconnected third party, then you are correct. Marketing Me! is not for you.
By the way, I checked with my boss and customers - they consider me a "working man" as well.

Dear Marketing Me!

How can I increase my sales and get a raise at work?
Low revenue in Ohio.

Dear Low,
Check out any of the popular sales titles if you have not already. I really like Frank Rumbauskas and Jeffrey Gitomer and others. Check them out for the basics of increasing your sales in a new way. As for getting a raise, ask. Go to your employer after reading my blog and ask for a raise. Make a case why you deserve one. It can't hurt and most would never think to do this but it does work. If you do not deserve a raise, why?

By the way, if you want to increase your sales this quarter, you might be in trouble. There is less than 20 working days left.

Thank you for reading Marketing Me!


Marketing Me! Airline Travel Fun part 2

I wrote this entry recently about my experiences as of late flying from U.S. airports. I have had more fun being subjected to the fun TSA and the airlines put us through just trying to get my job done.

It made me think of a real solution to the problems faced by lots of passengers held up by understaffed TSA security lines.

First, nobody shows up unannounced at an airport, they have reservations. Airlines could provide those reservations totals to TSA who then staffs accordingly.

Unfortunately, the rules seem to be different. A recent trip to Denver had a single TSA agent checking boarding passes for a line of hundreds. Meanwhile, each x-ray machine had what had to be 4-6 agents milling around. Perhaps checking boarding passes is the low job and machine screening is the plum position? Who knows.

Just this week, I flew out of Canada. Although there are TSA employees checking outbound passengers at U.S. customs in Canada, Canadian contractors actually handle the screening of passengers' bags. Interestingly, it went faster. However, I will be the first to admit that my experience was subjective and might be different for others.

I wish things were better. TSA has a blog which explains their take (and funny anecdotes about their job) on traveling, but it does not change the fact that the flying public is getting angrier and having less patience over the flying experience.


Marketing Me! Airline travel fun!

I have been traveling nearly every week since the year began. All of my travel is by plane, so I spend a lot of time at airports. Too much in fact.

The system is broken and I wonder how much it is affecting our national economy through lost productivity.

For instance, I had a flight last night at 7:30 PM. To ensure I made my flight, I was advised by the airport and airline to arrive two hours before my flight. I arrived two and a half hours early due to traffic.

To make that window, I sacrificed a 3 o'clock meeting. The client agreed to the change because he had an evening flight as well and was worried about making his departure time.

We both missed an opportunity to meet in person during business hours, to discuss our businesses and potentially find a way to increase each other's revenue. What a waste.

Could we have scheduled later flights? No. They flight I was taking was the last direct flight for the day.

What would be better?

- I wish there was less hassle for frequent and regular fliers.
- I wish there were lines for passengers who have "Never Flown Before" at TSA security check points.
- I wish there was a service which sent accurate TSA security line times to my Blackberry. They do this for highways, why not the TSA?
- I wish planes had internet access. That's two to three hours I could be doing something more useful than reading American Way or watching reruns of the "New Life of the Old Christine".

Wishes are sunshine and not worth the paper they are printed on.

I hope you have a successful flight and a great day!


Marketing Me! They should do something

I read an interesting article not too long ago which described the conditions in the former U.S.S.R. following the fall of communism. Besides the shortages, crime and anarchy which came after the heavy-handed government ceased to exist, everything having to do with work and employment changed as well.

The author primarily noted middle aged men, going day after day to their offices and factories, sitting idly for want of something productive to and complaining endlessly that the government should do something.

Election year or not in the U.S., we hear this frequently, that no matter what the problem, the government "should do something".

Frankly, I don't know what it is people want the government or anybody else for that matter to do for them.

Rather, Marketing Me! declares that YOU have to do something for yourself rather than waiting for the other guy to step up.

Look, the Internet alone has created a huge virtual billboard with your mug displayed potentially for the whole world to see. And in the spirit of the long tail, the more traffic you can run to YOU the more business, however small, you can build for yourself.

How? Again let's always start with what we know. If you have not already, start a blog. Start a couple. You can use Blogger like I do, or Wordpress or Typepad. If you feel really gung ho, get your own domain name and host your blog on your new name. Which domain name? Register your name (I finally got mine this weekend!). Register your business skill or calling. Check out the GoDaddy link to the right and get your domain name and hosting account today!

Start a mailing list. I use AWeber, but there are lots of them (use a real mailing list company rather than Outlook. Spam complaints can shut down your access). Build an opt-in mailing list (people join voluntarily rather than you spamming). Remind people weekly through email of your existence and expertise.

Write an ebook. It is not that hard. Pick a subject. Write a 16 page ebook. Convert it to pdf and give it away to new subscribers to your mailing list. It helps to make it related to your line of work, but people remember the expert no matter what you write about.

Why stop there? Offer to speak. There are plenty of events in your line of work that need speakers. I recently signed up to speak at a telephone carrier sales meeting. Yes, there will only be about 30 attending, but if I am good, that will be 30 new evangelists spreading the word about my brand.

What else? Have you ever considered consulting? Have you ever considered starting your own business? You already have the blog and domain name, why not use it to generate extra revenue for your time?

There is so much you can do right now that will result in right now opportunities that it makes no sense to wait around for the "government" to do something.

So get off your butt and get busy. Time is wasting!


Marketing Me! Drew Carey - Personal Brand

While on the airplane the other day, I read an article about comedian Drew Carey in American Way. You may remember Drew Carey from his long running series, "The Drew Carey Show" on ABC, "Whose Line is it Anyway?" and now as host of the popular game show, "The Price is Right".

According the article, Carey has had a life of ups and downs. Depression. Attempted suicides. Personals and professional failures. Yet despite all of this, he worked his butt off and believed he would eventually realize his dream.

A few personal branding notables:

- Carey's trademark horn rimmed glasses were a left over from his time spent in the U.S. Marine Corps. Although the glasses are props (Carey has laser surgery), he continues to wear them as his fans expect to see them.

- Despite his popularity on television, Carey continues to perform stand up comedy as this was the vehicle he got his start with. Carey routinely performs in Las Vegas.

- Las Vegas. Carey is known for staying at a couple of hotels where he chats with other guests while playing alongside them at the gaming tables. Carey has no "entourage or body guards" other than friends and is readily accessible to his public.

Carey blames his demeanor on his Midwestern roots. He simply has no time for the typical arrogance of the entertainment trade. Further, he is big believer in the power of positive thinking - his reading list includes Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer.

To top this off, Carey reportedly makes a seven-figure salary just from the "Price is Right". He has published several books, has had two other television series and has performed hundred of live shows. By all respects, he is a very successful entertainer. Equally important, Carey understands the idea of personal branding very well.

Marketing Me! Workaholic

I found this blog post at Seth Godin's blog. It is something he wrote about a month ago..

Seth laments that workaholics operate out of fear. Yep, that is right. And they are right to do so. And that the new class of worker (how quaint) operates out of curiosity and passion.

Somewhere between these fear and passion lies the real world. Yes, we have to love our work but we also have to live with the sword over our head which clearly states, "Stop moving and producing and you will be replaced".

Do I wish it was different? No I don't.


Because I took someone else's job. And someday, another will take mine. Lack of interest creates another generation willing to take over your desk and customers. I consider that to be evolution which benefits the customer and the marketplace in the end.
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