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Pay your debts

Who do you owe? Who do you owe a debt of gratitude to?

Everyone owes someone something.

Who was the coach who helped you land that big position? Did you thank him or her? How?

How about that teacher who helped you understand and learn? Teachers are not only in school, but can also be found in the workplace. What about a certain manager, supervisor or team lead?

What about the manager who gambled on you? Or the sales director who let you carry the bag?

Have you thanked your parents? Your family? Your spouse? You children?

Who do you owe? What have you done for them?


At my last position, my next cubicle neighbor was a Music Head. That is, someone who cannot function without his tunes.

He brought a boom box to work his second day on the job. He carefully set it up in his cubicle, turned it on and went about his day.

He never turned the volume up high, but being in such close proximity, I was able to come to know his various tastes in music. Metal one day, hip hop the next.

Music Head never sang along, he just played his music and worked.

The problem? Broadcast. Suppose I was as helpless without my music? Would the volume of my music cause his to increase and thereby eventually disrupt the whole office? Further, who asked to hear his music?

The solution? Why didn't this guy adapt and play MP3's on his computer with a headset? Why had he not purchased an MP3 player like normal people in the 21st century?

Nevertheless, Music Head did not last long. He was a contractor, so he finished his work and moved on. And took his boom box with him.

Think about this at your current position. Swap out music with something else you bring to work; your perfume, your lunch, etc.

What are you saying to your cubicle neighbors about yourself?

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Update or perish

I was in a training class many years ago. Among the students was an older gentleman who was updating his skills for his technical job.

Although the gentleman was obviously intelligent, he spent most of the class interrupting the instructor pointing out the flaws in their product and constantly comparing it to his older, end-of-life product.

We hear this type of complaint frequently; how good such and such was compared to today's product, version or release.

Think about this: Does your company or organization have an opening for "Difficult candidate needed who dislikes change and complains constantly"? Nope, not likely.

Evolution is not about the strong surviving, but about those who adapt to change best.

Do you adapt? Are you willing to?

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