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Why I hate Disney

I have young children. As such, I have viewed nearly everything in the Disney catalogue over the past few years.

Please note, this entry is not about parenting. How you raise your children (or your imaginary future children, or how you feel others need to raise theirs) is your business.

I hate Disney movies.

I hate the new Disney movies, not the classics like Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, etc. But the new cartoons which appear once every two years or so. (To be fair, most of the episodes on the Disney Channel television network follow this same annoying game plan I am about to describe).

Each Disney story is essentially the same. Title character has to overcome a challenge or disadvantage and in doing so, accomplishes a great task.

And eventually, no matter what the Disney story, the title character or another key story character will make the following statements - "You have to follow your heart/dreams" and "Sometimes you have to break the rules and follow your heart".

In the Disney world, heart and dreams are often interchanged. However, the basic premise remains the same; all of us must follow our inner voice but beware, there are dark and insidious forces at play which will attempt to thwart our every move!

Who writes this nonsense at Disney? (My theory is that nobody writes for Disney any longer; a computer takes past scripts and cranks out a new script with slight modifications to names and places).

Who is the authority that determined that dreams cannot be realized unless rules were broken?

And consequently, who is the writer who decided that following your heart automatically meant breaking rules?

My open letter to Disney.

Dear Disney,

- There are no "rules" or "system" which each of us has to overcome in order to follow our "dreams". The only rules which hold us back are generally those of our own invention. Individual situations like lack of self esteem, poor direction and discipline.

- Not all authority figures are out to undermine our goals or plans. In fact, most authority figures, such as family, friends and *gasp* even employers actually want us to succeed.

- Breaking the rules or fighting the system is not the optimal course of action for all parties. I am delighted that my accountant, banker and insurance representative all follow the rules impeccably and are embedded well into the system.

- To Disney's credit, the philosophy of breaking the rules in order to fulfil one's dreams apparently have had some success in the business world - see Enron and Tyco.

What happened Disney? Pinocchio fought the system/rules and he became a donkey. Once he learned to be a good son to his poor father, he became a real boy. Does Disney no longer show Pinocchio at Disney Cartoon Training Camp?

Rather than sound like a full time complainer, I have some suggestions which may help freshen up your otherwise stale scripts. Please consider the following messages!

- Believe in yourself and you can do anything.
- Stand out from the crowd and others will notice you.
- Be kind and respectful to others.
- Many believe in you, don't let them down by not believing in yourself.
- Be enthusiastic in everything you do.
- Always do what is right, even if doing wrong is easier.

There you go, Disney. Now go follow those dreams and break your own rules!


Anonymous said...

Dear person who hates Disney,

To start

-Each Disney story is essentially the same. Title character has to overcome a challenge or disadvantage and in doing so, accomplishes a great task. -

wow this sounds exactly like the basic structure in which all narratives follow, idiot. And as for the whole, In Disney movies the main character does something wrong to get his way, thing it almost never happens. Have a great life doucebag.

John said...

Thanks for reading (well partially) and responding to the post. Your enthusiasm for this subject is refreshing and inspiring. I look forward to your further participation and feedback. Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I hate Disney, too. I think for different reasons, though. Disney movies are all the same because over the years, Disney has become a multi billion/year corporation, and their well-funded market research is behind the movie plots that will appeal the most to children. Psychologists and marketing experts are behind the writing. (Breaking the rules appealing to children - who feel a lack of power/control in their lives). Unfortunately, the well-being of our children, is NEVER, EVER a topic of discussion while creating market strategies. Disney is in the business of making money. (I'm not speculating, these are the facts). As a parent, you might be interested to check out Susan Linn's book Consuming Kids.

Thanks for hating Disney, too.


Anonymous said...

hello i am just a kid and i hate disney they make every one a sluty singer and market it 2 kids like me i hate it just saying i Hate disney and yes hate is a strong word and thats why i use it!

Anonymous said...

oh ya and my mom hates it because there is always a dead parent and she said its becausee people will watch more if its missing something important people want to seee it solved so they keep watching thats why i also hate disney

coolmeia said...

What do you mean? Leave one example of you gotta follow your heart and dreams and break the rules. I can't think of one disney movie like that.

Anonymous said...

I hate many aspects of Disney, I am a kid who loved club penguin when it first started, then Disney bought it for $700 Million. Okay. Now while offline club penguin has benefited much and made Disney lots of money online club penguin has had little benefit besides safety improvements. My hatred for them has built up like a fire since Disney bought Club Penguin in 2007, and recently there was a spark. Disney forgot to renew the domain name! Who forgets something that simple? Club Penguin brings Disney $40 Million a year, of which $1 Million goes to the environment and such. I have done research and only about $3 Million goes to Club Penguin, that means $36 Million goes to Disney every year. With that much revenue forgetting to renew a domain name is pathetic. And finally Disney teamed up with First Lady Michell Obama a few years ago, Club Penguin is a Canadian company, yet effects of First Lady Michell Obama have reached Club Penguin.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate Disney too! I would play Club Penguin ALL THE TIME and then one day I went online and EVERYTHING CHANGED! The games, music, they even got rid of the "Wig magazine" That used to be in the gift shop! And now the Sports shop is gone! The turned it into a stupid "Every day phone facility!" It's so stupid!I just hope one day Disney realizes what they have done to all of the older Club Penguin members! >:(

Anonymous said...

As a 15 year old in high school who's seen disney channel on TV her whole life, I absolutely HATE IT. These tv shows have influenced so many high school and middle school kids in terrible ways. Poor Walt would have a heart attack if he watched a single show on "his" channel. I love the classic Disney movies like Cinderella, nowadays it's "Shake It Up" and "So Random", shows that consist of anorexic, makeup covered, slutty teenage actors that have no talent and are in no way funny at all. All of Disney's actors grow up to be weirdos and I feel bad that my generation and generations to come are being bombarded with this crap. And the music is HORRIBLE. What happened to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin? :(

Anonymous said...

Then go watch a Disney movie, and actually pay attention.

Anonymous said...

I agree. These days, kids role models are a bunch of slutty teenagers and a money hungry company. It's sad.

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