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Is your job going bye bye?

Yahoo had a good post on knowing whether or not your job is in jeopardy. Most of these are painfully obvious yet often ignored.

Here are some more "about to get the boot clues".

The "less investment in you by your employer".

For instance, just prior to a downsize of which I was an * active participant * , I was told that I would not be attending a trade show two months away. Further, the employer decided that it would be best if I no longer made my own travel arrangements; rather, the head administrative assistant would be making all travel plans going forward.

Suddenly, I could not go to key sales events and could not book a ticket if I wanted to. Sure enough, my number came up.

The "borrowing" curse.

My boss suddenly needed to borrow my laptop for some software testing over the weekend (the weekend before I was offloaded). He also needed to borrow my wireless Internet card (which he had a duplicate of) because his was strangely not working and he had a sudden business trip which required mobile Internet access. Funny that he needed to travel at the same time he was borrowing my laptop.

The "ignored party line".

For instance, questions to your supervisor or boss go unanswered or go to the "I will get back to you later" recording.

The "instant resource needed" ploy.

"Say Bob, would you mind sending me a copy of your current customer list/calling list for this week? I am trying to get my arms around next quarter's forecast. Thanks!". Always a good indicator you are on the way out.

Finally, be on the lookout for the "missing meeting formation".

You show up at your normal time and a department meeting is going on without you. Most likely your coworkers are being notified of your imminent demise and are receiving their marching orders. The vultures will soon be descending upon your office supplies.

Here are some good "You know when you are about to be fire stories".

* My friend "Sheila in Sales" was making plans to attend the sales kickoff meeting at the company headquarters. When she phoned the head office for her plane ticket, she was told the VP of Sales would call her when he got out of his meeting - the sales kickoff meeting with the rest of the sales team which currently was in session! Whoops!

* My friend Steve knew he was on the way out when he received his paycheck in the mail with a request that he return his laptop ASAP if he wanted his unused vacation and personal time. Apparently, HR sent out the letter before his supervisor spoke with him. Ouch.

* A good friend told me he found out his job was ending when his parking pass no longer worked. Further, when he spoke with the parking attendant at the garage, security was summoned to take possession of his parking pass - they were told it was stolen!

So what to do if sudden job demise happens to you?

First, live in a permanent job search state. It can happen at any time and many times due to circumstances not under your control. Always be ready.

Keep a resume updated and handy - electronic and paper!

Keep your contacts current and stored off site. That is why I recommend a good PDA type phone for portable storage.

Keep your work area virtually personal free. There is nothing worse than needing 1-2 hours to clean out your desk and only be given 15 minutes. Keep your personal affects in the work area to only enough items to fill a copy paper box. That way you can get out of dodge asap.

Be prepared to walk away from unused personal time, vacation, etc. Expect a severance check and be glad to get it.

Don't be the last to go and the last to get hired. Always have backup plan.

Don't let your boss win! Keep your contacts to yourself. Your boss can do his own prospecting and mining.

Start your job search with contacts and make the first list of contacts your customers. They bought from you, they will be the first to buy into you.

You will never be shocked or stunned by a layoff or firing if you live in a state of permanent job siege. Keep at it and keep busy and always be prepared for sudden job demise.

1 comment:

James said...

Those are some scary stories.
I am lucky, so far I have always been more or less self-employed.
Of course, there have been times when the boss neglected to pay me. I get so mad at myself when I do that.

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