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The religion of me?

I heard a moving sermon this past weekend. In it, the speaker lamented about how our society is moving towards a complete focus on "Me-ism". How many times have we seen the bumper sticker - "It's all about me"?

Why is this happening? Are we really that selfish? Are we really so self-absorbed as a society that we have developed, as the speaker said, a religion of Me?

Although there are plenty of selfish and self-centered people in this world, I still have to disagree with the sentiment that everyone and everything has become so self centered. Rather,I think in many ways it is a reaction to our society.

Let me explain. How many times a day do we hear about "community" and "the common good"? How many times do we hear about all of us "making a difference"? Isn't there a similar, strenuous effort on to create a religion of "Us"? A focus on everyone together rather than the strength of the individual? And how many times is the drive to create "Us" made more important and greater than the needs of a single individual?

This web site is not about libertarianism or politics - it is about remaking yourself for your career. And to that end, when was the last time your place of work placed a high premium on "the workplace community" or how your employer could "make a difference in your life"?

Sure, some companies have mission statements to this effect, but more than likely, these same companies have readily cut headcount, salaries, bonuses or benefits when economics dictated. What happened to "community" then?

The reality of life is in the world of work, there is no "Us", there is only "Them" and "You". No company, boss or customer looks out for you and your best interests, only in their own interests - it is the nature of things.

This is not a religion of "Me", but rather a success guide for "Me" which hopefully will result in you not becoming a burden to "Us".


Sherman said...

Sorry, you suck. Selfish motivations are what is ruining the world and you are just another shill for selfishness and short sided consumerism.
Until we all embrace a world of cooperation and compassion, we will continue down the path of ruin.
Change your blog from Marketing Me to Evil Me.

JohnGalt said...

Sherman - got laid off lately? Who in the world practices cooperation? Umm clue time - no body.

Competition is good. Maybe you can't handle it, but it is how the real world (not the utopia you have created) works.

Sorry to hurt your feelings, but this is the real world. You might get your feelings hurt.


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